Monday, October 15, 2007

My Kingdom for a Giant Paddle

Lottery PosseLaugh all you want, Mr. Portier, but everyone knows a true champion goes nowhere without the proper entourage. Sure, they’re only part time now, but if I ever do strike it rich, I’m hiring agents number 12 and 7 to follow me around from photo op to farmers’ market to fire truck summit . I’ll also probably take to wearing a cape,regularly festoon my chest hair with shiny gold medallions and sport a twinkling cane to complete my nouveau riche look. For now however, I’ll simply continue to embarrass these N.C. Lottery staffers by insisting on a picture ... though judging from the brunette’s hisses, I shall never again address either of them as ’Ball Lady”. Sheeesh - who knew giant ping-pong balls were so freakin’ sensitive?

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Anonymous said...

Where's the 9 ball?