Thursday, October 11, 2007

Is the Pope in town?

Whenever I tire of my own news puddle and yearn for the larger market, I check in on my buddy beFrank and am instantly cured. Exhibit A: the above photo. In it, an unthinkable camera clusters around K-Fed’s lawyer. That’s right, the attorney for Britney Spear’s ex-husband commands the kind of coverage once reserved for heads of state. Perhaps he’s got a plan for brokering peace in the Middle East. Ooh - or even better - 8 by 10 glossy photographs of the pop princess brushing her teeth with designer eyeliner. Otherwise, this king sized scrum is just a waste of perfectly good television equipment. I mean, it ain’t like Paris Hilton got in a fender-bender or somethin’. Now that would be news...

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