Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Glass from the Past

You Call that a MINI-cam?
Sure it looks doofy now: the surveillance type lens, oversized camera body, that weird robot-like support arm. Hell, even the birth control frames on that dude's nose scream 'Old School High Tech'. But back in the early 70's, that was considered a mini-cam and Mr. Whipple there was no doubt a pioneer. How else could the two of them landed smack dab in Television Newsfilm Techniques - an antiquated publication that landed on my desk - courtesy of one Joey Flash. I've yet to fully peruse it myself but Weaver spent a few minutes with it this afternoon and laughed so hard he was asked to leave my edit bay repeatedly. Sure, retro-tech is funny - but anyone who thinks a picture from their past won't age just as disgracefuly should take a long, hard gander at this.

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Oreo said...

I gotta ask, who's the guy in the picture? He looks like a younger version of our assignment editor.