Monday, September 10, 2007

Schmuck Alert: Andy Dick

Oh Andy, where did we go wrong? I used to like you, thinking you hilarious in a skeevy, D-List kind of way. Now however, it seems you’ve gone insane, hefting wretched expletives, trading spit in seedy nightclubs and running your career into the sewer. Most recently you committed that most cardinal sin: you attacked a photog for no real good reason. I can’t get behind that - even if the cameraman in question was just some trollop-stalker from TMZ. So, despite the pain it brings your Mother and me, I’m issuing a Class 3 Schmuck Alert for the entire California coast. Get thee to rehab Mr. Dick, pull your life out of the airport bathroom stall that is West Hollywood and find a way to be funny again - without being a schmuck. Schmuck.

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