Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Off to Challst'n...

Reaction Cam
Crikey! Just when I was about to get to the really greasy details of my naval stint, the doohickey those nice American Idol people implanted in my forehead starts to throb. It seems a shrinking army of off-key songbirds are warbling in the City of Challst'n and my lenslinging assistance is needed. Will I suffer the brooding stares of a countless Chris Daughtry wannabes? Will I camera-dance with castoffs as they curse the lineage of the testy Brit who just crushed their dreams? Will I tire of the whole charade after twenty minutes? Yes to all three! But, will I blog?



Anonymous said...

Question: do you volunteer to cover Idol year after year, or are you pigeon-holed as the best Idol shooter on your staff?

Joel Leonard said...

As bad as it may be, remember this, you could be back in Guilford County watching our latest elected officials wisked off to jail, or covering the latest cracks of Wendover avenue or other tedious task.

Hope that you got some good earplugs and skeeter repellent.

Good luck! Oh btw- I am so envious as tomorrow I contribute again up at DC. Now I have be careful that my restless leg syndrome doesnt get arrested if I have to use a public bathroom.

Oh and here is a news tip for you-- there is talk about a future Hamburger Square Off. And you know the Joelburger will be ready for the challenge!