Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Looking Up to Lagattuta

When I grow up, I wanna be Bill Lagattuta. The former CBS newsman has shed his network reporter’s monkey suit for a life of art, acrylics and acerbic honesty. No longer unfurling true life mysteries for 48 Hours, the career correspondent now spends his days painting, sculpting and avoiding Field TelePrompters of every model. Turns out, Lagattuta's a self-taught ceramic artist and avid italophile: his website, Dipshit Nation boasts many examples of his work - instinctual pieces that haven't a damn thing to do with making deadlines. It also features a giggly peek into his newsgathering scrapbook - clippings and pictures from years on the road accompanied by his own brutally honest commentary. I thought I liked him when he was fronting tales of incest and murder-for-hire .... after perusing his site, well - I may have a brand new hero!

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