Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Have Headphones, Will Gorge

Free Range PhotogI have been to hundreds of trade shows. Lint conventions, belt buckle summits, Insurance Agent orgies: as a serial purveyor of soft-core news, I've turned them all into winking, ninety-second tributes - no matter how dry the subject matter. Well, today ... I hit the motherlode: A food show. A FOOD SHOW! I rolled into the Greensboro Coliseum's Special Events Center expecting three vocational school chefs stirring gravy vapor. What I found was a culinary wonderland featuring booth after mouth-watering booth of glossy-eyed vendors, each ladling out endless samples of pallete=pleasing fare. Prime Rib, Jumbo Shrimp, Chocolate Mousse; it's amazing what's thrust your way when you've got a TV camera slung overpne sore shoulder. Hell, I might still be there had the lunkhead in the security jacket not blocked my access to the cocktail weenie wing. I only wish the web gurus at El Ocho has posted the story I shot between all that snacking, as I almost liked the way it turned out. Just remember - if the marquee outside your local convention center starts flashing 'Food Show', hop every curb you gotta and get inside. Sure beats that morning I spent trapped at the Angry Baptist Expo. Those cats are uptight...


amernick said... forgot job fairs. Its not a successful job fair unless I walk out with more than 10 pens. Need to replenish the supply that dwindles every time you go out with a reporter.

Joel Leonard said...

Never done a "pen" quotient on my jobfair but sure that there are lots being tossed out.

Speaking of food, have you tried a Joelburger in a while?

turdpolisher said...

you gotta rub it in don't 'cha? Yesterday I ate every meal out of a single box. Cheeze-It's.

that's what happens when you're battered about by the outer bands of a pussy storm like humberto.

the suits were ape-shit.

wait for the post later today.

Anonymous said...

I do conferences for a living. We have to give up tape measures, compasses, and stress balls of all shapes.

Most people trick or treat. They don't care what you are selling, they want that $1.25 stuffed animal like it was made of gold.

I have stuffed monster of fame that I think was well worth knocking over someone’s display to get.

cadencefilm said...

i just shot my way through a street fair in jeffersontown, just south of louisville. walked away able to balance my sticks on my belly, swollen as it was with two funnel cakes, a fried snicker's bar, two corn dogs, and one mother of a pork chop on a stick.

i'm not a junk food person, but when vendors offer, i think it'd be rude to turn them down. :)

cyndy green said...

ouch - cause I worked in a the boonies (a bureau) I never got those goodies, although every now and then we got a winery story (slurp). my most memorable meal was a twenty-four hour stint on a forest fire with a bag of black licorice.