Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Through a Lens, Gladly

News Photographer MagazineA big dip of the lens to the NPPA's Donald Winslow - for seeing fit to include a story of mine in the July edition of News Photographer Magazine. Indigestion, insomnia and interloper's guilt first led me to write Through a Lens, Darkly in June, 2005. After that, I promptly forgot about it. But for reasons unknown, this confessionary tale scores more steady web hits than anything else I've ever posted (with the exception of my uttterly shameless Chris Daughtry smotherage, of course). Why that is I'm not sure, but I suspect it has something to do with people googling a time-worn phrase. Even still, I'm quite stoked to see it committed to print and hope that you will forgive me for this gloating footnote. Oh, and special thanks to Jerry Wolford - who schlepped his gear to Lenslinger Central in an all-out attempt to not make me look too dorky. Nice try, anyway...


Anonymous said...

i think you should be a regular
columnist for the NPPA magazine.

you capture the daily experience that most of us live without all the name dropping chest pounding blow harding you read so often when
one of ours contributes to that
fine periodical.

oops, doug legore's stuff is very good as well.

punky cameraman

Brad Weaver, BC Instructor said...

Having you as a regular staffer is a great idea!!!

Florian said...

Nice writing, it reminded me of some of the old ghosts that like to reach out and grab me from scenes committed to tape long ago.

Nothing like the first dead you shoot, squeezed and wrapped inside the tires of a logging truck, the burned ones smelling sweetly, Those trying to exit through windshields, the drowned ones coming up white, pink, and size XXXXXL... and so on.

What a job we do.

You do a great scribble on what we see, keep the thoughts flowing. Thanks.