Monday, June 25, 2007

"We Don’t Do Shout-Outs..."

...but if we did, we'd extend mad props to one JL Watkins, aka Lost Little Robot - who picked up three (3!) more Emmy’s this weekend for his madcap work as photog /tech geek impresario way down there in the Upstate. Not bad for a nerd from the great Northwest.

...We’d also like to dip our lens in the general direction of Winston-Salem, where one Jon Lowder tries his hand at cameratology and gets a bad case of the shakes. In Lenslinger I Ain’t, the otherwise respectable family man laments his lack of acumen and credits me with being far better than I am.

...Lastly, there’s a loyal reader and casual acquaintance I must acknowledge, because he insists on acknowledging me. I don’t know Charlie Layno well, but the El Ocho engineer seems to read my thoughts daily and he isn’t even afraid to admit it. Thanks, Charlie. Remind me to break something in your honor very soon.

More pointers to recriprocal love as they come in, but remember - we don't do shout-outs...


Jon Lowder said...

Thanks for the non-shout-out. I feel myself being slowly, but surely, being lured into multimedia. God help me.

Also thanks for picking my favorite self-portrait. There's a reason that if I do anything it will be behind the camera.

robot said...

Thanks for the shout out!