Tuesday, June 12, 2007

This I Know

I don’t have any grand assertions on tap tonight, but if I can get that doofus picture of me off the top of this page I’ll sleep a whole lot better. Crazy, I know - but we all have our afflictions. But enough chit-chat, let's get started:

No great fan of people, I get to meet alot of 'em anyway. From police detectives to pawn shop owners, State Attorneys to strained housewives, college freshmen to career crackheads, I learn from them all. Today's lesson was on perspective, taught by an 85 year old crossing guard with a gold tooth. Though I only spent a few minutes with him, we discussed much: his 60 year marriage, my pilgrimage to the center of our state and what time this might be on tonight. Through it all, this simple man beamed on camera and off, making me wonder what he knew that I didn't. Guess I'll have to stick around 45 more years to find out.

Just when I think I don't know my adopted home region quite as well as I should, I listen to myself supply a newcomer with running commentary on every landmark that passes by our windshield. "Yeah, that's the overpass where they found that kid ... This street's a great shortcut to the station but after midnight the neighbors may very well shoot you ... You can park the live truck right in front of the courthouse, as long as you don't mind grannies yelling at you for blocking the bus stop." Hmm. If this blogging thing never takes off, maybe I can earn a living giving Dirtbag Tours of the Piedmont...

And finally, if reality show producers are really smart, they’ll rush out to their nearest City Council or County Commissioner meeting, for nowhere else will they find more bad actors, civic-minded psychopaths and mugging blowhards than in the shallow end of the municipal leadership pool. Think Big Brother meets C-Span meets Kabuki Theater. Don’t believe me? Drop in on any City Hall sometime, wait for the gavel to drop and give a listen. You’ll think you’re being Punk’d.

There, now I can sleep...

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Ken said...

which one is the doofus picture??