Sunday, June 24, 2007

Searching for Genaust

Joe Rosenthal endured a lifetime of attention after capturing the iconic conquering of Japan's Pacific stronghold in 1945. But the marine who recorded the same flag-raising on 16mm color film did not. In fact, Sgt. William H. Genaust never made it off Mount Suribachi. Killed by machine-gun fire days later as he helped fellow Marines secure a cave, his remains were never recovered. But now, thanks to a Pennsylvania businessman, the 38-year-old combat photographer may finally leave the battlefield. On his own dime, Bob Bolus began researching the possible location of this lost MIA, reminding everyone Genaust deserved better than to be left in a creak of a crag-heap. Now the military is on-board, with their own experts pouring over the topographical maps, GPS coordinates and DNA samples gathered by Bolus. With forensic teams now scouring Hill 362A, perhaps this forgotten photog can be brought home. How about Arlington?

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Thanks for bringing this to our attention.

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