Thursday, June 07, 2007

The Case of the Faded Mermaid

Watery TartDon't look now, but the fish-lady is giving me bedroom eyes. In fact, this watery tart's been eyeballin' me for nearly a decade. Every time I steer my news vessel down Lee Street - there she is, all pearl necklaces and come hither stare. I'm a married man, mind you, but no ex-Sailor could shirk the allure of this Enchantress of the Sea. At least that's what I tell myself whenever the driver behind me lays on the horn and flips me off for sitting still at a green light. So you can imagine my lust when blogfather Ed Cone dropped the dime on my slippery nymph's upcoming move. A business on the precipice? A landmark in peril? A photogenic victim of urban renewal? This looks like a job for Lenslinger, otherwise known as the Grim Reaper of Retail...

Tri-City SeafoodOkay, so technically, Tri-City Seafood ain't closing. But they are vacating their home of more than forty years and they're taking their unique signage with them. That's more than enough reason to point my lenses their way, even if it did mean braving the sweltering conditions of a dripping wet Carolina summer. Swamp-ass aside, it was a wholly pleasurable day. From fending off mid-morning winos outside the store to schlepping my gear up Ed Cone's office staircase to hanging out with Tri-City's affable owner Maze Dames, it beat the heck out of chasing fender-benders, babysitting hair-do's or zooming in on golden shovels. Besides, in this heat, any inside assignment is a winning gig, let alone one that involves street-level art, imminent domain and a great deal on some good lookin' Red Snapper. Better still, the resulting piece turned out just past halfway decent - which is the very least I can do for such a fetching, two-finned vixen.

The wife would understand, don't you think?

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