Saturday, June 23, 2007

Axes, Bullets and Jelly Beans

Mal James, Bad AssWhile I dig my toes into the Carolina sand, Mal James navigates far more treacherous terrain. The Middle East, to be less than exact. Operating out of a Jerusalem bureau, this Fox News Channel International cameraman works a beat we domestic lensers can only begin to imagine. Thanks to UNHOLYLAND NEWS, we don't have to. That's where Mal posts a flurry of danger-ridden posts, winking missives full of security checkpoints, bellicose gunmen and less than trustworthy fixers. It's enthralling stuff, even when he's merely waxing poetic on the therapeutical torture of running triathlons. My favorite posts though, are when Mal hits the street in his armored TV car, dodging roadside peril with a veteran's sigh as he chases the deadline in the distance. Check out his latest, a somehow funny tale of thrown axes, spent bullet casings and Russian refugees. Or go back one for a surreal encounter with a swaddled posse of savvy gunmen any TV news shooter can identify with. But if you're like me, you soon begin to wonder why Mal James does what he does where he does- when he could most obviously succeed in less hazardous climes? Bring in the jelly beans...

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in-gun-ear said...

I first heard of Mal when he and Greg Kelley made the Iraqi war dash in 2003 and thought this guy is either a genius or an idiot! Now I just think he needs a good hug! He is a lensmen of a different kind. I would hate to have to make a tech call on him in that part of the world.

I didn't realize he had a blog (with links to your little piece of the net - nice going!). Thanks for heads up on it!