Monday, May 14, 2007

Remembering Joe Loy

Most assignment editors don't enjoy a stellar reputation among us photogs. Why would they? In charge of how we spend our days, they regularly thrust us into the void without so much as a second thought. Why, even the best deskies are forced to endure a relationship with their shooters that is, at best, highly adversarial. Not so with the late Joe Loy. A grandfather, husband and longtime employee of South Carolina's WHNS, Loy sounds like one of those rare newsroom treasures - a guy who could and would do it all, with a name and face his station's most loyal viewers will never even hear of. Until now, that is.

Joe Loy died Monday. Sent to the scene of an interstate accident, this versatile assignment editor parked his news unit on the side of the road and did what many who frequent this site have done hundreds, if not thousands of times. He went to work. Or at least he tried; no sooner had he exited his station car when a red Ford pickup truck reportedly weaving in and out of traffic struck and killed him. Unbelievably, the red pickup never stopped. All of which makes the loss of this kind man all the more incomprehensible to his friends, family and colleagues. I personally had never heard of Joe before his death, but it's obvious to anyone reading about his life, that he deserved a much kinder fate. Rest in Peace.

(If you have any information about the death of Joe Loy, call the South Carolina Highway Patrol in either Greenville at 864-241-1000 or Spartanburg at 864-585-6629.)


Anonymous said...

Rest In Peace Joe Loy.

But the thing that I am wondering is about is what was his son's name that died when he was little. I found out that his daughter drowned her little brother in the creek in my neighboorhood.

Anonymous said...

His name was Justin. He died March 11, 1985.

no name said...

What ever happened to the daughter?