Monday, May 07, 2007

News Crew Cuffed, Stuffed

How can I work on my memoirs when news crews keep getting tangled in the Thin Blue Line? This time it's Memphis, where cops cuffed and stuffed reporter Jeni DiPrizio and photog Eli Jordan. It's hard to know why, exactly. On assignment for Eyewitness News Everywhere (I kid you not), the newsgathering duo were working the fringes of a tile plant fire when a nearby police lady decides they have to leave. Now! Ever tenacious, DiPrizio stalls the officer and gets the newsroom on the horn, while photog Eli wisely keeps rolling. What follows is a ramped-up exercise in foregone conclusions, ending with the ratcheting clatter of shiny metal bracelets. Did the cops overreact? Seeing how the news team were released after only a couple of hours of stewing in a squad car, one would assume so. Could DiPrizio have handled it better? Hard to say; debating property access and media rights with someone wearing a bulletproof vest is a dicey venture at best. I'll give her mad props for stickin' to her guns, at least. And Eli's video? Riveting.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I was somewhere between newbie and burnout...

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Ronald said...

the incident with this crew i think is questionable. maybe the reporter could have been a little less confrontational in the face of a lt. that clearly wasn't trying to have a two way conversation. that aside, i think they may have been well within their rights to hold their ground, if they indeed were given permission from the homeowner to be there.

the photog at this link, however, i believe got what he had coming to him.