Thursday, April 26, 2007

Schmuck Alert: Hercules Fence

Via Photog's Lounge, video of another merchant roughing up a news crew. Okay, so that's even considered a crime in some states, but there are other reasons to avoid spending money at Hercules Fence at 4660 S.E. Maricamp Road just outside Ocala, Florida. Let's start with why the camera crew showed up in the first place - to inquire about a peculiar sign blazing out front. We've all seen them: magnetic letter boards bearing cutesy messages or bible verses for passing motorists to enjoy. ignore or ponder. Figuring any publicity was good publicity, the fine folk at Hercules Fence put their heads together and came up with a joke that is at once unfunny and patently offensive: What has 4 wheels and flies? A dead cripple in a wheelchair. Man, if THAT won't sell fencing, I don't know what will. Strangely enough though, the riddle in question didn't spark a rush on cedar planking. Instead, it caused a minor uproar in Ocala - obviously a rather uptight community with zero appreciation for middle school playground humor. Come to think of it, I'M offended - a considerable feat for anyone who's done serious time on warships and in newsrooms. Why it's enough to make a little news crew pushee-pushee pale in comparison ... Still, such actions are unilaterally uncool and I'd simply be remiss in my duties as self-appointed blowhard of the photog nation if I didn't sum up the situation with the following heartfelt assessment:



Anonymous said...

Hercules Fence used to be a nice place to work - prior to this owners arrival.

Nothing like that would have ever been posted out front. The previous owners were considerate of other people. The previous owners were the ones who built the business.

An appology to all would be in order. The sign should not be used to offend others.

From those of us who used to work at Hercules Fence I would like to appologize to those affected by the rude & inconsiderate behavior of the current owener, for what it is worth.

I was shocked when I heard of it - in Michigan.

Anonymous said...

It's not a big deal!
Everyone if we were to get mad at every bad thing that was sayd we would be mad all the time.

People get over it!!

Anonymous said...

Freedom of Speech, Baby!

Dana said...

I would bet the last two "Anonymous" people are not in a wheel chair nor do you have someone close to you in a chair. Maybe, you both work for Hercules?!?!?! Then your comments would make sense, I guess!!

Anonymous said...

The sign consistently leaves a dumb ass message, weekly. Personally when passing by, it doesn't leave me with thoughts of, "I need to buy fencing there when I need it..".. It leaves me thinking.. "That must be one unruly and careless company".

There are dozens of other (more respectable) fencing companies to get supplies from, services.. etc.

Amanda said...

Freedom of speech !! Lol at that when can u hide behind a sign little bitches...come from behind that sign and exercise your freedom so you can get your teeth kicked out... Fucking hicks