Tuesday, April 10, 2007

New Media Jim

Jim Long and his HMIThere's a new blogging photog on the scene and he's got a truckload of opinions. Why shouldn't he? Jim Long's been honing his photog chops for 18 years, mostly as an NBC cameraman. In that time he's seen alot pass through the glass, but it hasn't seemed to soften his focus one iota. Instead, Long zeroes in on emerging trends with a sniper's eye, displaying an enthusiasm for our ever-changing craft rarely found in journeyman lensers. I think I have a new hero. Well, maybe that's pushing it - but I do so dig Jim's prolific output. Every time I pass by his slick-ass site, he's posting videos, floating concepts, taking on Rosenblum and generally tilting at whatever windmills pop up on the electronic horizon. Who can keep up with that? I won't even try, but I will keep a close eye on this shrewdest of news shooters. Check him out yourself. His vigorous missives are far tastier fare than the warmed-over angst casseroles I've been serving up lately...

Next Up: A.man.I -- The Urban Reporter


Chris Brogan said...

Better still (from my perspective), Jim is sharing his experience in mainstream media with the new media generation, and showing us some of what he does at NBC, and how to translate it to what we do with cameras we fit in our pockets.

He's been to several great events of late, is will be helping to organize the DC version of PodCamp.

VERY deserving of your attention, so thanks for profiling him.

Grayson said...

Why that sly road dog! He just pops up everywhere nowadays.