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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Antarctica XD

A camera, a tripod and a horizon - sounds like the perfect gig ... but at the bottom of the world? That's exactly what a photog known on-line as Xcylox did during a recent two months stint on the Antarctic plateau. There to shoot re-enactments for a British production about polar explorer Douglas Mawson, the Australian crew schlepped a High-Def XDCAM through the sastrugi and spindrift of the open tundra. (Beats stalking the milk and bread aisle when the first fat flake begins to fall.) This being 2007, no expedition is complete without a behind-the-scenes blog - in this case a picture-rich testimonial of the Sony's robust performance. While I haven't slogged my XD across any ice floes lately, I have slung it from Hollywood to Hurricanes to Hair-Net Conventions. But this ain't about me (PFFT!), it's about Xcylox and the gang. Who knows what their footage looked like, but if it's anything like the images on their site, I'm setting my Tivo NOW.

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