Monday, February 26, 2007

Silence of the Pervs

Hey, remember my recent trip to the Sex Offender's Unit? Boy, I do. Not because the visit itself made such a mental imprint, but because the resulting edit session left every frame of footage seared into my frontal lobe. No sweat. Next time a ratings period roll around I'll throw my lens behind another project: Spatula Plant Shutdown, Fruit Cup Uproar, Dog Catcher Debacle ... something. Whatever it may be, I can only hope for more savory fare. I mean, now that I've done the whole 'Cool Hand Luke' thing (again), can't I cherry-pick something, I dunno - frothier? Ooh , I got it - Swedish Barmaid Convention, or Krispy Kreme Taste Test - How 'bout Coma Patient Skydive Camp? Just imagine the cinematic possibilities of that one! Jeff? Bueller? Anyone?


BluesDaddy said...

Very nice work!

turdpolisher said...

Funny, I just finished a fictional short story about a perv.