Saturday, February 17, 2007

Planetary Mal

Don't let the calm demeanor fool you, this guy's an Operator. Seen here in rare repose, Australian Mal James is strangely at home in sandier climes. Cairo, Baghdad, the Gaza Strip - wherever his lethal lenslinging is needed. That's the life of this international cameraman of mystery - a dude who dodges RPG's the way I dodge late-day live shots. Sniper fire aside, Mal still seems to dig his gig though. Something about the visceral thrill of 'acquiring under fire', I believe. But the bloodshed that floods through Mal's lens can't help but stain his psyche at times. He takes no joy in the tragedies he records, not the images etched onto his soul or the saturated echos that make the evening news. No Mal remains a pro. He was seen least leaving a Hostile Environment Training course for frontiers unknown. I can easily imagine him blending in with the folks, laying low and brooding on the future. Why, were it not for his insatiable writing itch, we might lose track of this one altogether... Now classify this document!

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