Tuesday, February 20, 2007

DorkQuest: The Quickening

Hippie Lunge
Okay, this one's gonna be tough to explain. Perhaps I shouldn't even try. What I will say is this: Some people master their craft through deep research and rigorous study. I figured mine out by storyboarding hippie sword-fights in the park. Is that so wrong? I don't think so - especially when you're a young camera-head with lots of questions about placement, pans and pacing. What better way to explore the cinematic possibilities than an afternoon with my buddy Sam the Barbarian and his collection of yard-sale swords? Huh? Sure, we freaked out a few ECU soccer moms at first and it was a shame about those old people - but between the numerous "Dudes...", countless Monty Python references, and clumsy white man high-fives, we all learned alot that day. I did, anyway - for the resulting footage made for pivotal editing for years to come. After shuffling the shots through every edit bay I could find for awhile, I finally stopped trying to replicate that wrinkled comic book inside my head. All that remains is a forty-five second segment deemed by the Lenslinger Committee as Way Too Stupid for YouTube. All I can offer you presently is this frozen antique frame, in which I've apparently taken flight in mid-mullet lunge, as the Evil Sam struggles to smite my wrath all medieval-like. Good Times.


BluesDaddy said...

"Too Stupid for YouTube"
There is no such thing.

HockeyPat said...

I remember it like it was yesterday. 15 years ago yesterday.

I don't think your readers want to see the nude shots.