Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Keep Hope Alive

A New Hope
It's a very Caddyshack Christmas as Don Shea and the gang interview dead celebrities in this week's episode of 'Me and My Boat Anchor'. All's going swimmingly until moisture from a nearby water trap seeps into the recording deck and plays havoc with their deadline. Will they make it to the Winnebago-sized live truck in time? Or will they get busted sneaking into Tony Orlando's dressing room trailer to score a badly needed hair dryer and perhaps a crack at Dawn's digits? Tune in to find out...

(Me and My Boat Anchor, Episode 42. Starring Don Shea as Guffawing Sports Guy, John Cline as Swaggering Lens-Stud and his state-of-the-fart TK-76 as its bicentennial bad-ass self. Special Cameo by the cryogenically preserved Bob Hope.)


Anonymous said...

Gad, Stew, these pics you keep posting of the old TK's are making my back ache!!!

I never used a camera THAT old, but I did spend time with the boat anchor, er, 3/4 deck haning on my left shoulder.

Too funny, these pics.

Anonymous said...

Not "Gad", I meant "God".

Stupid typos.

Anonymous said...

I'm clicking on the boldfaced words...but where's the link?