Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Get the Widow on the Set

While I was stewing on how to add to the Gerald Ford death smotherage, the great beFrank delivers this press-orgy postcard from lovely Palm Springs. The L.A. photog was but one of many West Coast news operatives bivouacing overnight outside the Ford Estate - all so the morning hairspray brigade would have a suitable perch from which to furrow their brow. In our media-saturated 24/7 world, the late night passing of an ex-President is highly-crafted commodity before the sun ever breaks over the Executive Deathbed. From sleek obituaries already 'in the can' to the instant phalanx of Presidential news experts, we of the chattering classes have electronic retrospect down to a fine art. I'm not complaining, mind you - just noting what an ever-ratcheted Information Rennaisance we currently find ourselves in. Just ask beFrank, whose recent jones for decent spot news is probably diminishing with every hour of lost sleep.

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beFrank said...

The timing of the call was tough, but I'll never turn down a call to hit the road just because I'm tired. As long as it's safe for me to get behind the wheel, I'll hit the ground running.

Today, I'm feeling like Oliver Twist.

"Please, sir. I'd like some more."

I wish everyone could feel like me, I really love what I do!