Wednesday, October 11, 2006

This Blog's For You

Waiting for script
Meet The Photog - a student of the moving image, a master of time management and a lover of snazzy shirts. Normally you'll find him darting around town in some garish vehicle, moving at the speed of broadcast while mere humans shuffle about in slow-motion. It's precisely this momentum that keeps our hero on-task, for without it, pulling off the improbable on a daily basis just wouldn't happen. That's why it's so hard for him to loiter by the curb as his over-coiffed partner pounds out a script in the back of that rolling billboard. Chances are he'll only get a few minutes to turn her words into a symphony of sight and sound. His reward for meeting such an unreasonable deadline? The opportunity to do it all again tomorrow. And credit? Forget it.

Sure, a camera-toting colleague may notice a particularly well-lit sit-down or comment on an intricate edit, but nine times out of ten his efforts will go unrewarded. At best, his reporter will receive an accolade or two for all her hard work - but the kudos usually stop there. Don't feel sorry for him, though. His shifts are rarely dull, his misadventures are many and his on-the-job anecdotes crush those of mortal men. Whatsmore, his breed has an undying fan in yours truly. It's these multi-tasking, singularly driven individuals who inspire me to write every night. In doing so, I hope to expose their noble plight to a larger audience - even if I do tire of pretending to be one of them. Now move along, showtime ain't for another fifteen minutes...


Weaver said...

Hey, That fat guy looks just like me! ;-)

photogguy said...

Where do you guys get those snazzy-looking shirts?

Is there a photog clothing shop that I'm not aware of?

Of course, I jusst broke out my fleece shirts...high today forecasted to be 39 degrees. I don't think those shirts would keep me warm. :)

Greg said...

his on-the-job anecdotes crush those of mortal men

That is why we are here mate, to read great writings :)

You are right about the shirt thing, its very common to see it.

hmmm, i'm wearing a 3 tone hawiian-ish now, although for weddings (freinds only, no paid jobs!) i wear black pants and black short sleeved shirt...

Why is the loud shirt so common?

As if that hunk of love on our shoulder doesnt draw enough attention...?

Weaver said...

This shirt one of my favorites and I only paid $3 for it while on my honeymoon in 2004. Picked it up in a Goodwill in Ft Lauderdale.

It feels great and breathes well.

But I do need to diversify!

Bluedog Photog said...

Nice parking job in front of that there fire hydrant Weave!