Monday, October 23, 2006

Adventures of a Beltway VJ

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Mitch. He's the one on the right - a hulking marshmallow of a guy who, until very recently, demanded of me countless bumps, endless teases and a myriad of evening re-cuts. Not an easy task, when Yours Truly is trying to slither out the door. But as tough a gig as his editor's position proved to be, young Mitchell yearned for something even more punishing. He wanted to be...a photog. And not just any photog, either - but one of those newfangled models that not only shoots video, but gathers facts, writes scripts and appears ON Camera. That's right, our boy's gonna be a VeeJay!

Now put down that urine-balloon, Mr. 'Senior Staff Shooter'. Just because you made your bones in an simpler time doesn't mean our man Mitch should. He'd be a fool not to hone every skill he's yet to possess - from camera-handling to adverb-tweakage to those frazzled laptop-endectomies that separate the finessed from the fat-fingered. Why, I told Mitch as much and so did others. With his most adamant career advice coming from a bunch of grown men dressed like fourteen year old tourists, he was right to cipher on it a bit. When we announced his decision, we all feigned concern and briefly considered toilet-papering his car. But with his towering stature in mind, we thought better of it and - after a intense session of Rock/Paper/Scissors - took turns shaking his ham-sized hand.

Now that Mitch is lodged just outside Capitol City, his VeeJay-ification is firmly underway. Best of all, he's launched an already entertaining blog! So do drop by and give him Lenslinger's regards. But be nice! Dude is huge...

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