Friday, September 01, 2006

Backstage with Bo Bice

Bo Bice and IRan into Bo Bice again today. Okay, so I slithered past a gaggle of hyperventilating female fans outside The N Club in Greensboro for a few closing minutes of the singer’s late afternoon sound check. While Bo and his band ripped through a few Southern Rawk standards, I shot the breeze with a few colleagues - telling them what little I knew about the former American Idol finalist. ‘He’s a righteous dude’, I told them, explaining that, much like Bucky Covington, Bice seems to truly appreciate the die-hard fans that a certain juggernaut of a show left in his care. A few minutes later the laidback longhair proved me right, emerging from a back room to lay some love on Chaz Erwin - a certified Bo Bice enthusiast who just happens to live life in a wheelchair. Pretty standard protocol all right, but the Alabama native works the room with such genuine warmth that I always come away an admirer - even if I can’t name any of his songs.

For a glimpse of said encounter, complete with an ugly shirt cameo by yours truly, click here. But brace yourself - it’s a really ugly shirt.


photogguy said...

Wow! That was one awesome.... UGLY shirt!


dr. GONZO said...

Bo's looking kind of twiggy. Some buy that boy a set of weights.