Monday, July 03, 2006

Credentials Acquired

Press Pass Collection
All news photogs keep their press passes, but sports guys tend to wear theirs with just a bit more pride. I was reminded of this today when I crawled into a co-workers car and had to squeeze past the collection of laminated badges hanging from the center of the windshield. ACC, NFL, NASCAR ... this guy had credentials from every initial cluster and acronym in the book, each hanging on a cluster of lanyards that threatened to choke the very life from his rearview mirror. I even found a tattered badge from the White House - though surely it was less valued than the others, seeing as how no referees were insulted in its acquisition. Truthfully I was okay with my fellow photog's press pass mass and the 16 inch blindspot that it created. Then I took a sharp right onto an exit ramp and a gaudy placard from a recent Panther's game flew up and wedged in the corner of my eye! As payback, I considered switching the radio pre-sets from the sports talk stations to something in the easy listening realm, but I make it a rule never to mess with another man's religion.

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