Monday, June 05, 2006

Stripes of a Lifer

George HarrisonLadies and Gentlemen, put your hands together for George Harrison! Not the late Beatle, mind you - but the laidback, laconic photog who's been a steady presence amid Piedmont camera circles for almost thirty years. That's right. Thirty years. For the same station. In his time at WFMY, George Harrison has served under fifteen News Directors, four General Managers and three station owners. As for how many reporters he's carried over the daily deadline, the math gets a little fuzzy - but it's safe to say hundreds of talking hair-do's have made their bones with ole George by their side. That kind of longevity is the stuff of fiction in a business rife with turn-over, skullduggery and discontent. How he's managed his sanity all these many moons, I don't know, but I'll chalk it up to his endless reservoir of calm, his quiet knowledge that today's shriek and bombast are just trumped-up echos of broadcasts past. Of course, George will just tell you he's just doing a job he loves and he hopes everyone can find their true calling. That said ... once he wins the new N.C. Lottery Powerball, HE'S OUTTA HERE!

(This Just In: "Ain't gon' be no live shot...")


Smitty said...

One of the nicest guys you'll ever run into covering news in the Piedmont.. Nice of you to send a shout-out to Mr. Harrison, 'Slinger. Reminds me of 'Blog a Photog' Friday..


Anonymous said...

George is waiting for just the right job to open up at the underground mall in Asheboro!
He was one of the best to learn!

Bluedog Photog said...

"Ya cn't roll on everthing, ya know."

"Danny, don't bother puttin' the dish up."

And my favorite, "I jus backed over it."

Anonymous said...

George rocks!!!