Monday, April 17, 2006

Schmuck Alert: Mike Truman

DSCF0385Meet Mike Truman, security coordinator for the Travis County sheriff's department. Now, normally you don't hear much about such public servants in obscure positions, but this guy's a real charmer. When this ornery Texan isn't helping his wife fend off charges of animal cruelty, he likes to grapple expensive lenses from the hard-working hands of female photojournalists. At least that's what the pudgy thug pulled last week in Austin when, after finding no kittens to kick outside a Williamson County Courthouse, promptly went all Kenny Rogers on KXAN news shooter Julie Karam.

"I'm thinking, 'This guy's going to hurt me.' That's how frightened I was. I didn't do anything to deserve it."

DSCF0387Now hang on a second, Julie. You were standing on a city street, pointing a privately-owned news camera at a public official as he skulked out of a tense court proceeding. Mr. Truman had every right to wrestle that delicate camera from your guilty fingers and attempt to berate you into submission. He's upset, see. He and the Missus just haven't been the same since the county took eleven dogs and three cats from their home. If you pesky TV people would simply keep your lenses to yourselves, we wouldn't have these problems. Just ask O.J.

But I digress. What happened last week in Austin was simply this. Apoplexy got the better of Deputy Dawg here; his parking lot tantrum was simply an effort to protect his peeps from any more unwanted publicity. Too bad his intended victim kept rolling. Now, what would have been a fleeting few seconds on the evening news is forever enshrined on the internet, where a universe of busy-bodies can cue up his stupidity whenever the notion strikes them. Schmuck!


Oreo said...

This guy is definately not a member of MENSA. It's too bad he had to be like this, because the deputies from Travis Co. have done some really good work.

Several of them journeyed to Cameron Parish after Hurricane Rita to support the local deputies by working shifts so they could take care of their families and property. That small group of deputies went home with pictures they had taken of the devastation and collected a ton of donations from the entire dept. for the Cameron deputies, which is where my parents got their new couch and loveseat.

It doesn't excuse this guy, but don't hold it against the entire dept.

Jorge_Guapo said...

Ahhh...good ol' Texas. Psycho City Officials and Reporters in mini-skirts. I have to say...I miss the place.