Friday, February 03, 2006

Open Up and Say Cheese

That's gotta hurtSome days my job is like pulling teeth. Other days it's merely like watching someone else get their teeth pulled. That was my Friday morning, stumbling through a crowded dental clinic like some two-headed cyclops bent on peering into every gaping mouth. Thanks to intern Stephen George for snapping this shot, though it doesn't really do justice to the crushing swell of humanity packed into the dozen dental chairs, or the stir Jeff Varner and I made while we were there. All I can say is, if you've never waded into a sea of giddy dental hygienists with a TV camera on your shoulder and a former Survivor contestant by your side...well then, you haven't walked even a half mile in my boots. Not that you'd want to.


Lensmith said...

Hey, that sweater looks familiar! It looks rather similar to the one in your tiny pic up at the top right...not that it looks bad of course.

You need to add a bit to your wardrobe! Maybe something more colorful from Peru?

Take care Stewart. I feel for you having a "Survivor" element added to the already difficult mix.

Oh and the beard thing? Don't forget about "number one" from Star Trek!

Anonymous said...

You job sounds so fun!

Except going to the dentist.


HockeyPat said...

Some days my job feels like pulling teeth. It must be fun to actually live irony.