Thursday, February 02, 2006

The Grand Revision

Today's lack of quality post brought to you by Unbridled Ambition, an exciting new fragrance that quite frankly has your friendly neighborhood lenslinger spinning in his office chair. What I'm trying to find a new way to say is I didn't blog last night. Rather, I broke open my collection of scribbled notebooks and launched a hard target search for meaning and clarity. When that quickly proved difficult, I lost interest and began staring at the lava lamp again. But a few minutes later I turned back to my tablets and scratched out a table of contents, columns and rows that represent an awful lot of work for yours truly. But I'm not whining. Instead I'm excited yet weary, grateful to those who've risen from the mist with offers of help and determined to make it worth their while. I probably won't blog about it much; if so, I'll never get it done. Just know that forces are colliding, and work on The Book has begun in earnest. Now if you don't mind, I have about a million words to rewrite. By the way, anybody got a quick synonym for 'delusional'?


Bluedog Photog said...

Head trip.

yesweekly said...

Do it baby. How bad could it possibly be?

Lensmith said...


You need help with a topic.

Ready? Here it comes!


Photographers and beards. From your pics, it looks like you might have some personal experience of your own to share about the hows and whys of beards.

We even had a long thread years ago on B-Roll about what brand of beard trimmer everyone has and which was best.

Come on! That's rich material for a mind like yours! You can even work in references to other unsung bearded heros like what's-his-name on Home Improvement!

(see what I mean!)

HockeyPat said...

I got an even better topic.

101 reasons girls should love my buddy Pat!

Most people would buy that just out of morbid curiosity.