Thursday, January 12, 2006

Propane, Oreos and Dynamite

While I wallow in a painkiller haze, the photograsphere echoes with voices old and new...

Just down the road, Bluedog Photog has stepped up his game of late. Whether chasing propane spills, reliving grow-room busts or deconstructing bureau life, Ken Cravens has been filing regular, readable reports. He even popped off a shot in MY cubicle recently, but don't hold that against him.

Off the Coast, a photog by the name of CJ checks in from her 'little red box' of an edit bay. Having recently left her native West Coast for the inland prarie sea, she regularly riffs on Sudoku, Spot News and life in the I-Team. Amazingly, it all comes together in the end.

Best new blog title goes to Oreo's Crumbs, the ever reflective site of one Mike Sellers. Though awful fond of his wife's native Denver, this Baton Rouge news shooter's heart is on the Bayou. Hurricane Katrina may have swept away his childhood home, but not his hopeful perspective.

There's a New Guy In The Shop and he'd like to blog about it. With the ink still wet on his EKU sheepskin, Andy Pollard is currently making his bones on the mean streets of Lexington. But this rookie's got a second persona, He's "The Voice of the Indians" in Kentucky's local radioland.

Finally, from the outskirts of Sin City itself, Erin Winking brings us the implosion of an old casino in full Technicolor glory. With a station video link, expertly sequenced stills and a steady string of F-bombs, the endearing eWink provides extensive, one-of-a-kind coverage in a way that only a grizzled photog can. Having blogged the Burlington implosion earlier this year, I'm impressed how easy eWink makes it look. A synchronized event, a thoughtful execution, a Tour de Force.


Oreo said...

Thanks for the link, 'Slinger! Just a couple of corrections for ya. First, my wife is actually from a tiny community called Egan here in Louisiana. Denver was just a fun trip. The second is that Hurricane Rita is my nemesis, as my new post (!!!) relates. Thanks again for the mention, and keep up the great blogging. I know a busted wheel won't keep you down for long.

Colonel Corn's Camera said...

Stew, what did you guys do to the Sat truck? It dosen't look like the Death Star any more. Oh and the logo with "The News Leader", give me a break.

Andy said...

thanks a lot for the link. I felt obliged to repay the favor, not that you really need it. As Ron Burgandy would say..."Your kind of a big deal in the photog blogsphere!"