Monday, December 12, 2005

Weaver Cleans His Rig

I was leaving work this evening, wondering what I'd blog about when a faint light from the parking lot caught my eye. Following the mysterious beacon, I wandered upon a most unlikely sight: Chris Weaver. Cleaning out his news unit. I swear. Now for those who think I'm overreacting, consider this: Weaver's of a certain breed, Photogifus Hoardicus, I believe they call it - the kind of shooter who never turns up at to a crime scene without three phonebooks, sixteen scanners and half a pack of tube socks. Think I'm kidding? Take a sweeping glance around Unit 15. In the short time I watched him forage through his backseat, I spotted two fishing poles, enough roadmaps to choke a tollbooth operater, sixteen types of lightbulbs, foul-weather gear for three large-sized men, several Happy Meal toys, assorted kitchen utensils and at least four basketballs - lest a rival station pick-up game break out.

In case a pick-up game should break out...Land of the LostHappy Meal Space Aliens

By the third flash of my camera, Weaver looked up from his highlighted index of scanner frequencies, mumbled something about installing GPS on his camera batteries, the started sorting his collection of ketchup packets by fast food franchises. I don't know what's gotten into the old boy, but I'm not too worried. He goes on vacation tomorrow: he'll be home by the hearth while I'm rooting around Unit Four's floorboard for the proper condiments to go with stake-out bar-b-cue. Then who'll be the real slob?

UPDATE: Weaver himself weighs in with a rundown of what he found inside Unit 15. Witness the Insanity!


Weaver said...

Very, Very, Funny!!! For the rest of items that were found in my 6 year old news unit, during it's annual cleanup, visit TVPhotogBlog.

Kelly said...

ha ha!!! Chris has always been a slob,,,belive me I cleaned his room for him when I was little!!!

Lensmith said...

I'm laughing Stew, only because your story brought back memories for me of my old news unit in Miami.

Forgive the quick story but...during the time between I'd broken up with my then long time, live-in girl friend and meeting/falling in love with my now wife, I did the usual "go crazy" stuff (especiallly in Miami) of dating a girl who happened to be a stripper.

My old Miami Ops Director had a habit of doing snap inspections of vehicles. Mostly looking for misplaced tapes but also to "keep us in line". He didn't want to find any wayward equipment from other photogs in the wrong vehicle or broken gear which should have been in the shop.

Shortening the then girl friend had left her little "work" bag in my news unit full of all her frilly stuff from when I'd picked her up the night before.

I pulled into work and there was my Ops Director waiting for me and all I could think about was the hazing I'd take if he came across her stuff.

During a masterful moment of misdirection on my part, I was able to scoop the bag out of the back of my truck while he was involved with inspecting the front seat pockets, and stash it behind a nearby picnic table out of sight.

A silly almost embarrassing moment for me, but one which made me much more vigilant cleaning out and maintaining a more pristine vehicle interior.

There are just some things I'd rather not "share" with the boss, even if he was a good friend.

My old girl friend with the bag of frilly stuff? A very fond memory but no contest when compared to my gorgeous wife.

Julie- slob's wife said...

You Think THAT'S bad try living with him! I wash and fold his clothes and he'll throw them on the floor or live out of a laundry basket until I give in and put them away for him!

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