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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Charlie and the Tower Factory

A man whose wife regularly dispatches me to train wrecks and ribbon cuttings is overseeing the construction of our station's new antenna tower and this being 2005, he's blogging about it. At his new site, 'in-gun-ear' Charlie Layno is documenting the erection of our new digital tower in terms that I almost understand. He's also playing photog with a 'Frankenstein' camera, capturing the antenna's lofty ascension while shooters like myself chase crime, grime and dogs in funny hats here on the street. Charlie's also posting stills on his site, proving that in-gun-ears don't just take cameras apart, but they can actually use them too. Who knew?

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Beavis said...

ahhhuhhhuhhhhhh..... you said erection......aaahhhuuhuhhhuhh