Friday, September 16, 2005

A Sure Sign of the Apocalypse


Okay, so it's just two dudes sitting on a news set. Still, as anyone who's watched local TV news East of Raleigh can tell you, this is a most incongruent duo. For years Allan Hoffman and Gary Dean anchored the evening news on opposite channels, their nightly images seperated by a hefty click of the remote control. I've been lucky enough to work with both these local legends; though they are starkly different men, they both taught me a thing or three about broadcasting. But to see them co-anchoring the same newscast sorta boggles the mind, like that goofy Star Trek movie where Captain Kirk kicked back with Captain Picard. But that's how it is in the incestuous world of local TV News. Old colleagues and ex-competitors never die, they just switch logos. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go prepare for the End Times.

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Jorge_Guapo said...

I always find 'dude shows' to be a bit awkward...but, two MAIN/COMPETING dudes on the same desk? Freak-a-delic.