Tuesday, August 02, 2005

The Merits of ENC DTV

If you think THIS site is the work of an obsessive media-hound, head on over to ENC DTV for truly compulsive coverage of local television news. There you‘ll find the meticulous postulations of one ‘George’ - a mysterious figure who monitors the many broadcast outlets of central and eastern North Carolina. But you'd better pack a lunch. Originally designed to explore how analog stations were dealing with their digital bandwidths, ENC DTV has grown into a full-service clearinghouse for George’s painstaking observations on more than fifteen affiliates.

From the Piedmont to the Coast, George scours the digital airwaves for production goofs, anchor shuffling and goofy weather trends - all with considerable flair and alarming exactitude. If you're even the most casual viewer of Downeast TV News, there's something you'll find interesting at ENC DTV. I especially enjoy the 'Remember When' sections, which feature the dated graphics and regrettable hair-do's of local broadcasts past.

All this, along with a cornucopia of screenshots from more stations that I realized existed make ENC DTV a great way to waste time and chew up bandwidth. No wonder George's sitemeter is going through the roof. I mean, where ELSE could I see current shots of old colleagues and Downeast legends like Alan Hoffman, Gary Dean and the Godfather of Soul, Marvin Daugherty? Wait, don't answer that.


Matt W said...

George has a website!! Is that the same George that calls in scanner traffic to 9, 7 and 12??

HockeyPat said...

That's Lensy. I enjoyed the site.

Are there any unattractive people in TV news?

I would not last ten seconds.

Neill McNeill said...

I've got to tell you, this site is a must-see for everyone who grew up watching local television in eastern/central North Carolina. It's thoroughly entertaining and brought back a lot of memories. Kudos to the person who put this site together and maintains it.

Thanks Mr. Stew for the link. I've just added this site to my "Favorite Places."

Neill McNeill
Greensboro/High Point/Winston-Salem

Anonymous said...

It's not the same George who calls in scanner traffic.

This other "George" works at Wal-Mart in Greenville.

Obsessive is putting it lightly.

enc_dtv said...

Nah, I don't call in scanner traffic, but I have dropped a newstip or two. And I hope it's not a bad obsession... What can I say, but I really do love tv news! It's been my pleasure to offer central and eastern NC's best to the rest of the world! Thanks to all of you for visiting and recommending my site to others!

alena said...

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I have a Hurricane Katrina blog. It pretty much covers hurricane related stuff.

Thank you - and keep up the thoughts!