Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Rashunda: Citizen of the World

Through the magic of interweb technology, I've reconnected with an old friend and colleague - one that those in the Piedmont may recognize. Rashunda Tramble and I worked together off and on for years, profiling local acts, artwork and antics for the nightly What's Happening segment. We went everywhere - from seedy garage band practices off Summit Avenue to the subterranean spas of The Grove Park Inn, from storm-ravaged streets in a dying live truck to a behind the scenes tour of the People's Court.

It wasn't always easy, but lucky for me, Rash was a natch. Initially a TV news novice, she quickly fused her radio chops and refreshing looks to create an appealing energy all her own. Her considerable tech skills, soap-making acumen, Mensa membership and overall funky vibe make her much more than just another talking hair-do. If you can't tell - I miss working with her. I'll never forget holding on for dear life in the backseat of a maniacal New York city cab driver's taxi, only to look over and see Rashunda quietly meditating amid the jostling camera cases, unperturbed at a our driver's apparent death wish.

These days, Rashunda lives outside the confines of television news in Zurich, Switzerland, where she continues to be one complex cat. Go say Hi.

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