Saturday, July 23, 2005

Meeting Nico

In my business, the newcomers I meet often go on to become household names in the immediate viewing area. Such will be the case I predict with our newest reporter and weekend co-anchor, Nico Belha - whose mellifluous name and bilingual chops should quickly separate her from the reportorial pack. Fresh off a stint at a Montana affiliate, she’s a 2002 honors graduate of the University of Miami and a mighty nice lady to boot. Now if only she’ll tolerate my word-nerd’s crush on her particularly poetic moniker. Say it with me now: Nico Belha..."Nee-ko Bell-uh". Remember this when you're bandying her name about the watercooler six weeks from now: you heard it here first!


HockeyPat said...

Hola Nico!

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jon said...

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