Sunday, July 31, 2005

documentary: BLOG

Via Terry Heaton, news of a most intriguing project by documentarists Andrew Marcus, Tori Marlan, and Joe Farris. In documentary: BLOG, the trio point their lens at the intersection of blogging and traditional media, where a series of head-on collisions is racing to fruition. Andrew Marcus:

“Sometimes these worlds collide, and sometimes they discover ways to compliment each other,” says Marcus, “we are examining the effects blogging is having on media, and media is having on blogging, as well as speculating about the immediate and long-term ramifications of this new communication revolution.”

Such a production more than interests me, in both subject matter and possible film technique. The projects's spanking new blog doesn't reveal much about the production status, but I would implore the filmmakers not to attempt said epic without first visiting the region in which I happen to reside, considered by some the epicenter of the alternative mediaquake - an area dubbed by The Los Angeles Times as 'Blogsboro'.


Roch101 said...

I don't know what their schedule is, but ealry October for ConvergeSouth might be a productive time to visit.

Andrew Marcus said...

Hey-Thanks for making me aware of your blog and the work that you are doing. And thank you for the post and links!

The status of our project is that we are still in production. We are about one third of the way through shooting.

ConvergeSouth looks very intesting. I'll spend some more time today looking though the sites when I get into the office, and I'll try to get in touch with you later this afternoon.