Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Mad Props from YES! Weekly

YES! Weekly, my newly favorite alternative weekly newspaper, unleashes a great cover story on the Greensboro Blogosphere! Reporter Editor Brian Clarey certainly did his homework, tracing the roots of the movement and guessing where it may go from here. Clarey even spent time with a Master or two before hanging out with the rest of us rabble. He and photographer Lee Adams captured with flair a scene that is neither simple to explain or particularly lens friendly. I know. Pffft - the very idea of an upstart free-weekly newspaper publishing a list of competing news sources in the first place? Ruh-SPECT! Hell, they even cited Viewfinder BLUES as one of the Ten Best Greensboro Blogs.
"There are hundreds of bloggers in Greensboro, but this guy’s site is in a class by itself. Lenslinger’s been a camera jockey for television news since 1989 and currently shoots for FOX 8, but he’s a writer at heart and he uses this blog to feed that particular jones. He posts media critiques, reflections on entering middle age (with pictures) and inside tales from his very specialized gig."
How cool is THAT? Now go read the whole thing. You'll better understand the communication revolution I find myself embroiled in, discover a world of gifted web-writers and peruse a potent publication in the process.

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HockeyPat said...

Score! I've been telling you man...

My boy gots chops! Write, write...write like the wind O' great purveyor of infinite legible certificate!

And may God have mercy on us all.