Saturday, April 16, 2005

Here Come the Broadcasters

I’d simply be a lousy blog-ambassador if I didn’t take a moment to welcome three fellow Piedmont broadcasters to the fold:

McCall Pera is a local reporter/anchor I’ve yet to meet. But I feel like I know her after reading her blistering blog debut regarding High Point’s ongoing school choice debacle. If all of McCall’s postings are as fiery as this one, she’ll soon be a force to be reckoned with in the local blogosphere, as well as the battle for the remote.

Kent Bates I do know. Before he left my place of employ, we worked together a time or two, including one landmark drive to Pinehurst where we trailed a group of video designers as they toured one of golf’s true Mecca. Normally, the chase for the little white ball bores me to tears, but Kent made it fun with his easygoing nature and running commentary. Now he’s blogging about whatever crosses his mind, and weirdly enough, I find that interesting too.

Eric Chilton and I worked together for about ten minutes before he left to conquer the world of Tampa television. Now he’s back as the grinning weather guru at the station across the street. Whille I have no anecdote regarding our time together, I do own warm memories of goofing off in the studio with Eric and fellow nutbag Jay Shurling. From the looks of his first few postings, his new blog should prove to be just as entertaining as he is in person.

Its great to see these crosstown colleagues launch their own sites. Welcome all.


Smitty said...

Piedmont Triad television will never be the same with the blog explosion of on-air talent. I think Eric's will get the largest response and traffic with the discussion format. It's like a local version of Medialine. He's going to be busy editing and deleting those "anonymous" posts!

Way to spread the word, oh great one!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Stew--
One of the reasons I haven't started one is my agreement with FOX prohibits it. I'm sorry if I've left you with eyerolls and indifference... just don't want to get into trouble. In the meantime, I'll enjoy all these other blogs.

Neill McNeill

Lenslinger said...

Point taken, Neill. It certainly wasn't you I was thinking of when I mentioned glazed eyeballs. Anchor-blogs are certainly a new forum, it'll be interesting to see how they develop. Personally, I'm hoping the extrapolation of push-button publishing will make media companies rethink the blogosphere.

Until then, I'll see ya at work on Monday!

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