Friday, April 15, 2005

A Chat with the Blogfather

Having read his site religously since first entering the blogosphere (and chatting with him ever so briefly in Chapel Hill), I was delighted to finally aim my lens at one Ed Cone. Yesterday the columnist/uber-blogger sat down for a few well-lit moments while a colleague and I pummelled him with questions on push-button publishing. He did not disappoint, instead he provided much needed insight on the potential, the limitations and the promise of the blog. When the conversation was over, I left impressed. Here's why:

Cone tells it like it is. Shying away from easy hyperbole, he predicts the blogosphere will expand and densify but NOT reverse the rotation of planet Earth. Closer to home, it probably won't make too many Earthlings rich either - as all this cross communication is driving DOWN the price of information. (I've nothing against collecting legal tender mind you, just never understood how my late-night cyber-diatribes might buy me a summer place in The Hamptons.) Cone offered many other salient points, all of which will be processed into a fine puree for later broadcast. Until then I can't help but think how lucky we are to have such a reasoned and engaging spokesperson for the local bloggeratti.

And I ain't easily impressed. I've placed many a so-called expert under the glass only to watch them crumble under the weight of the all-seeing lens. Not Cone. This guy needs his own show.


Fecund Stench said...

I just checked my Google Adsense account and it has a balance of $0.22. I can only wonder at the riches piling up in Ed Cone's account.

Darkmoon said...

Oh he might have his own show... perhaps. heheh.

D. Hoggard said...

Cone already has his own show. Just keep watching.

Anonymous said...

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