Friday, January 07, 2005

Invasion of the Idiots

A group of masked morons are 'liberating live television events' by donning absurd costumes and dancing around in the background of live shots. So far they've perpertrated their idiocy in only two live remotes, both in Rochester, New York, but their 'new chapter of media criticism' is sending ripples of outrage among the broadcasting community. WROC even went so far as to do a story on the infantile group, thus granting them some of the credibility they so apparently crave.

At the on-line watering holes, some photographers are even threatening violence, promising body-checks and paint-ball gunfights should these assinine protesters invade their canvas. Let's hope it doesn't come to that, as the photogs would no doubt lose their shirt in this age of unbridled litigation.

Me, I'm torn. No one dislikes the pointless live shots that run rampant in our trade more than I, (We call them 'dog-lick Lives'. You figure out why) but once committed to the remote, I'm not about to let some buffoon in tights ruin a day's worth of newsgathering blood sweat and tears. That said, I don't know that I'd exactly tackle these clowns either. After all it's a live shot - not open heart surgery.

Still, we folks behind the camera take what finds it way into the viewfinder very seriously. I know many a hopped-up photog who wouldn't think twice about cleaning the clock of anyone who decides to get happy feet behind a reporter, however ill-advise such a strong-arm tactic may be. One thing is for sure, we (I) here at Viewfinder BLUES will be monitoring these electronic jesters very closely, and will bring you the latest news of their most absurd theatre. I just hope we incensed broadcasters aren't playing into this group's strategy, whatever the hell that may exactly be.

Stay tuned...

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