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EDITOR'S NOTE: Fresh off a three year managerial stint, your friendly neighborhood lenslinger is back on the street and under heavy deadline. As the numbing effects of his self-imposed containment wear off, vexing reflections and pithy epistles are sure to follow...

Saturday, December 11, 2004

Spotlight: Kevin Sites

Here at Viewfinder BLUES, I humbly offer a portal to my world, a chance to ride shotgun as I skewer the mighty and trip on the downtrodden - all while juggling an expensive TV news camera. These dispatches may be the literary equivalent of toenail clippings, but its what comes out of my head late at night. I'm just tickled silly someone might actually be reading this, and would like to take this opportunity to thank the seven of you who've stopped by so far. Come back often, as I have alot to share over the coming year.

But I'd be remiss in launching this endeavour without acknowledging someone I've never met but unknowingly emulated. His name is Kevin Sites and he's a freelance solo journalist currently on assignment for NBC in Iraq. His blog is The Real Deal, with postings that are electric, funny and harrowing. I urge you to visit, for in my not so humble opinion, it's the very best of what a broadcaster's blog can be.