Tuesday, November 23, 2004

The Joy of Thanks

I'm thankful there are wonderful people who prepare Thanksgiving Dinner for the less fortunate down at the homeless shelter...and that for once, I won't be there, loitering in the kitchen with a betacam on my shoulder, and drooling over discount turkey..

I'm thankful the good people of our fair city put on one hell of a holiday parade... and that some other schlub will get to discover the joy of backpedaling with one eye open while cub scouts pelt him with candy and trombone players try to blind him.

I'm thankful that the day AFTER Thanksgiving, a shooter other than I will delve into the retail hell of Black Friday, prowling the local mall for talkative store owners and sober shoppers, all while keeping an eye on the rent-a-cop eyein' him from the food court.

And I'm thankful that once the sun sets on the eve of that extended holiday weekend, I won't be the one perched on some interstate overpass, untangling extension cord and trying not to strangle the on-air goob while he plucks his eyebrows in the side view mirror.

I'm thankful for a little time off. But I know that come next week, I'll be back on the front lines, checking the center court Santa's criminal background, hovering around bell-ringers as they lay jolly guilt trips on Wal Mart patrons, and launching an unflinching televised manhunt for that perfect poinsettia.

Is that so wrong?

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anonyMoses said...

I'd love to see some of your work. I've long had a love and interest in films, and relished the classes...especially the history of avant-garde cinema. I'd love to be watching the news and see local events covered from the POV of a Bunuel, Richter, Melies, Lumiere, Muybridge, Leger, Cocteau, Goddard, Kurusawa, Satyajit Rey, Fassbinder, Hertzog...you get the picture.
Floods become Fizcarraldoes, crimes Cocteaux...and so on.

Just a thought.

Also wanted to wish you a Happy Thankgsiving, and hope that your sabattical might find you well and rejuvenescent.

Dave Beckwith