Thursday, November 18, 2004

The Gathering

Huddled with a few strangers at a cafe last night and found we all spoke the same language. The Greensboro Blogaholics (or whatever they/we call it) was an invigorating scrum of personalities, from the published poets to the broadcast junkies to the politically apoplectic. Not sure where I fit into the mix, but I'm glad to have shared air with a group of people who have a thing or three to say. This site has already evolved thanks to their help and I implore everyone (all three of you) who visit this humble place to visit the many "Others" links listed on the right below.

Happy Blogging! (Did I just say that?)


CreativeIndustryDevelopment said...

I was very pleased to find you and your content last night. I've experienced the sentiments expressed on your site. It's refreshing to see your voice online. I imagine there are generations of frustrated journalist looking for a better alternative. Welcome to blogging.

Been trying to place you . . . We have met before, or perhaps just crossed paths. I didn't take the opportunity to ask, How did you get into to the blog? tara sue

Billy Jones said...

Thanks for helping make our first local gathering a success. -Billy