Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Beak to Geek

New Penguin

Every once in a while, something unexpected wanders into frame and drains the moat around my soul. It usually happens at soldier homecomings, Special Olympics or certain City Council meetings. Okay, so I'm lying about that last one, but the fact is we TV stevedores ARE occasionally capable of human emotion (like those conflicted cyborgs of Science Fiction, who bring civilization to a grinding halt with their incessant meddling). Lately, I've strained in vain to keep my pathos under wraps. What can I tell ya - parts of my life continue to suck. But since I hold no patent on that predicament, I choose to lose myself within the lens. That I do, puttering around the eye-cup like some creepy lighthouse keeper.

Then along came Brenton.

A seabird of some distinction, Brenton met me at the back door of the Greensboro Science Center's new penguin exhibit. Unlike the rest of her colony, Brenton wasn't as interested in the bucket of fish as she was the cameraman who came with it. I was flattered, if not a little weirded out, at the creature's curiosity. Like a cat, she rubbed against my ankles, then stopped to stare up into my eyes like a homeless Basset Hound. So I returned the favor, twisting the macro ring on my lens until my new girlfriend snapped into focus. Brenton didn't flinch. Instead she met my gaze with deep black eyes that seemed to flicker with wisdom. Chances are she was checking her reflection, but as we stared across the great divide, the glacial malaise of these last six months melted away and for just a moment the present felt better than the past. That's when I heard someone laughing and realized it was me.

Don't worry, though. I'm sure the feeling will pass.


Danny Spillane said...


Thanks for the read made my day.
Chin Up

Paul Martin said...

A heartwarming story there Stewart. Sometimes, you get more happiness from the job out of a small animal that doesn't talk back...

Enjoying the reads again Stew, regards... P.

JimmyD said...

Yep, this made my day a lot brighter! I'm sitting here reflecting on a shoot at a Llama farm. One of the Llama's (Louise) decided she wanted to be my best friend.

Didn't want to be on camera, just wanted to follow me around. Every time I stopped and framed a shot, she'd stop behind me and prop her head on my other shoulder, like she wanted to see what I was looking at. It was one to remember, for sure.

Dustin E. said...

Well, you certainly made this cameraman tear up, nicely done.

Kacper Mystkowski said...

great blog!

O Kulturze