Monday, February 14, 2011

Attention on Dreck

Wall o Photog
Politicos on both sides of the aisle can't wait to rip into President Obama's 2012 budget, but these fellas just want an unobstructed shot of it. At least that's what I think is happening in this latest photo from NBC cameraman extraordinaire Jim Long. Truth is, these seasoned 'slingers could just as easily be zooming in on something Steven Tyler coughed up on Idol; both make your back hurt. Just know that whether we're leaning over a 3.7 trillion dollar breakdown of our country's debt or a rhinestone-encrusted hairball from the Permanent Vacation days, our aim remains the same. Don't believe me? Sidle up to the next scrum you see and start making waves. You'll be picking elbow out of your teeth long after that wall of lenses falls. It's just one more reason I avoid camera-packs as if they were laden in genital warts. If I wanted shaky shots and flop-sweat on me, I'd drag the wife's handy-cam to a Green Day Show and drop into the mosh pit. Maybe then, I'd get some respect, instead of a competitor's cologne up my nose. Have you smelled a network cameraman? Last time I did, I blacked out in front of Sam Champion. Luckily, we were packed so tight, no one knew I was unconscious until the press conference ended and I dropped to the floor in a fetal position. It wasn't so much my rocking back and forth that upset those lifers so much...

It's how I roll.

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