Monday, October 18, 2010

Tweet Space Nine

When a Miami news crew found themselves in a badly damaged live truck, the reporter grabbed her iPhone and tweeted all the way to the hospital. That’s Moxie! But it got us thinking... What if other insatiable communicators were as diligent with their missives?

@SassyNewsLass: Weird. Giant shadow following our live truck. Scanners won't work. Roger the Photog keeps reshaping his Frosty with rusty Leatherman. Eeew!

@SassyNewsLass: OMG! Saucer shaped spacecraft hovering overhead! Strange musical tones keep repeating! Roger screaming something about his meal break. WTF?

@SassyNewsLass: ACK! Live truck aloft! Sucked up into odd beam of light. Logos glowing. Belly of craft opening slowly... Hey - I can see my house! Holla!

@SassyNewsLass: Small gray beings everywhere. Separated us. They say I'm their Queen. Roger not so lucky. Put up struggle. They're probing him now. TTFN!

@SassyNewsLass: Great News! I’m anchoring Galactic News Nine!! Grays say they adore my tape. Then they showed me Roger's spleen. OMG! I get my own billboard!

Resistance IS futile. GalactiCast going very well. Photog fellow now just head in a jar. Ratings in! #1 in carbon based bipeds, 25-54! GR8!

@SassyNewsLass: Floating over Tokyo. Grays acting strange. Ogling local hottie on sat feed. :-( Worried I’ll end up like photog fellow. What WAS his name?

@SassyNewsLass: Oh. My. God. Grays totally raided Tokyo. Say they dig Asians now. Those bastards! Dropping me off in open field --withOUT my headshots! WTF?

@SassyNewsLass: Watch my Special Tonight! “ABDUCTED! How One Brave Woman (and her driver) Fought Off Evil Aliens with Beauty, Grace and Style." Soo excited!

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Anonymous said...

Funny as hell!!!!