Thursday, March 18, 2010

Have Wedgie, Will Travel

Camera's nice but the jacket gets the chicks
Once (or twice) in a generation, a man, his machines and a moment come together to define the very times. Such was the case with Marvin, whose life finally came into focus the day he scored the coveted 13 News gig. Before then, life had had been less than swell. Chicks didn't dig his mothball collection, his Mom's jalopy always left him stranded and the fellas on the corner threatened to burn the wool slacks off him whenever he grew too nosy. But now, all that was about to change... he could feel it. With a flashy new fancycam, a logo'd muscled car and a totally chief new Madras jacket, this Chinese Checkers champion of 1959 was about to make his mark on the not so fruited plains. If he was lucky, an exclusive or two might earn him a raise and he could get that new seersucker suit off lay-away. After all... can't look this good on a photog's salary.

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